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Real Estate


The sad truth is no real estate agent will EVER tell you something bad about a house you’re ready to buy.  Can you imagine the butcher telling you that the steak you’re eyeing is actually scraps of beef glued together into the shape of a rib eye with a premium price?  Virtually any disastrous event can be cleaned up, painted, and stated to look like the home of your dream.  Methamphetamine contamination can only be remediated, it cannot be covered up. Eventually someone with asthma or a sensitive immune system will move in and not be able to figure out why they’re sicker than they ever have been.  They might think it’s mold and have the house tested or cleaned, but it won’t help.  Meth remediation is a very specific and expensive type of cleanup that most insurance companies will not cover unless you can directly attribute the contamination to a previous renter.    If you just bought or rented such a home, you have few options: Either remediate it or walk away.

Drug contaminated housing comes in every size and description, every neighborhood and socio-economic class. Do not assume that every drug user and every home is obvious. Many contaminated properties we have worked with are in middle and upper middle class neighborhoods.